Sculpture by Jonathan Pellitteri

My goal is to create an atmosphere of curiosity and exploration with my sculptures. Industrial structures, furniture, architecture, tools, and other familiar objects populate my work. Combining life-size objects and miniature representations I create works that engage the viewer on a human scale as well as contain vast space within their boundaries. Intricate surfaces and interiors construct vignettes that viewers can project themselves inside, stimulating personal narratives and evoking private memories.

The quasi-architectural/ mechanical appearance of my sculptures combine archaic construction methods with modern techniques and materials, in an effort to demonstrate my appreciation for the immediacy of antiquated technology, as I do my best to embrace the advancements of today. It is my hope for viewers, that the carefully considered construction and subtle imperfections of my sculptures will emphasize their difference from the machine-made objects that fill our lives. With the objects I create I impart to the viewer a setting for their imagination to expand upon, informed by their own experiences, and guided by curiosity.