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The current debates over humanity’s impact on the environment, sustainability, and the exploitation of natural resources is the inspiration for these artworks. These ideas manifest in objects that illustrate direct observations, comparisons of ancient solutions to similar present day concerns, and hypothetical future events resulting from actions made today. It is my intent to explore these ideas without presenting rigid conclusions, in an attempt to spark conversations lacking the acrimony that currently hinders constructive discussion on these topics.

Representations of industrial structures, scientific devices, and fantastical landscapes coalesce in my sculptures to create objects that stimulate curiosity and possess the potential for discovery. Intended to be vehicles for viewers to create their own narratives, my artwork guides the audience in an anticipated direction, by use of; careful selection of imagery, variances in scale, and materials and construction techniques that are closely related to the subject of each sculpture, my goal is not to lecture but to simply encourage thoughtful contemplation. My hope is, as viewers study the sometimes idyllic landscapes, whimsical structures, and eccentric contraptions serious considerations can be weighed while cerebrally escaping the physical world.

Combinations of traditional and modern materials are intended as a point of emphasis, that the roots of many contemporary concerns have been present and managed throughout history. Additionally, construction techniques are used to this end, modern fabrication processes are blended with archaic methods in order to relate to viewers that advancements in technology that are being developed today, are just the latest installment in a long line of solutions that will continually need to be adapted as their shortcomings are revealed. The unifying quality to these sometimes disparate elements is that my sculptures are unmistakably created by hand. While carefully crafted, subtle defects are intentionally left unmasked in order to convey that although imperfect, answers can always be found for daunting problems, and over time, human ingenuity has the capacity to refine these solutions and move forward.