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Downstream is the title given to a set of 7 sculptures created to commemorate the conservation work supported by Duke Energy’s Water Resources Fund. Comprised of manipulated representations of the Cape Fear, Catawba-Wateree, Dan, Keowee-Toxaway, Neuse, and Yadkin-Pee Dee river systems these sculptures represent the waterways and surrounding communities of the Carolinas and Southern Virginia served by Duke Energy. The topographies represented by these sculptures were created in two parts; the first represents each river system individually these were divided into 25 pieces each for a total of 150 parts and have been presented to Water Resources Fund grant recipients to serve as a reminder that although their work may focus on a small part of their region, its effects will be felt by many downstream.
The second part of this project hangs at Duke Energy's headquarters in Raleigh, NC. It represents the six rivers that benefit from the Water Resources Fund as a fictitious single river system. This composition is divided as well into 150 segments serving as a reminder of the grant recipients who have put the fund to work.